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Michael Luehrs

General Manager
Phone: (608) 255-0360
Email: luehrs@raymondteam.com
Anniversary: 07/15/2013

A Little Bit About Me:

In the small town of Omak, WA, where I grew up, the High School mascot is the pioneer. Like pioneers, my family struck out for parts unknown when I was still young and I’ve been travelling, discovering and learning ever since. Among the adventures was an extended tour with the United States Marine Corps where I earned Sergeant stripes and respect for people and places around the world.

After returning to the US, I found work at a hotel, not realizing at the time that job would lead me to a long career in hospitality. Since that introduction, I’ve enjoyed serving hotel communities in Texas, Idaho, California, Washington and Oregon. Those experiences led me, in turn, to work the international market as an advisor in support of sustainable events and organizations. In that role, I was elected to service as the President of the Green Meeting Industry Council.
Favorite Quotes:

"Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." - Mark Twain
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