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2019 - Spirit of Hilton Winners
Ashley Collins
Cheryl Ann Minard Green
Jimmy Wolf
Mary Ann Adams
Nicki Kelly
Tracy Maker
Vanina Gilmore
2018 - Spirit of Hilton Winners
Amanda Simon
Aurelia Salas
Cherrell Thomas
Cheryl Clarke
Deborah White
Julie Turner
Julio Lopez
Luis Gutierrez
Michael Musgrove
Otilia Alvarado
Tisha Templin
2017 - Spirit of Hilton Winners
Gerry Parker
Jesus Ledesma
Karen Young
Norma DeRoa
Raymond Reeves

Kelsey Louvier

Guest Services Representative
Anniversary: 01/05/2016

My reaction to winning the Spirit of Hilton Award:

I was completely shocked! So overwhelmed with gratitude and emotion. I never thought that doing the right thing for someone, just as I would want them to do for me, would result in such an honor. I am so honored to be a recipient of this award, especially after such a short time span in the industry. It makes me extremely excited to see what my future in hospitality holds.
What I love about my job:

I absolutely love interacting with so many different people from so many different places. In the past few months, I've met people from Australia, Ireland, Great Britain, Japan, South Africa, and so many more. I've made friends with a fatherly regular, traded books with him, and learned of the successes of his children. I love being able to make a person's day just by printing off a set of directions or giving them a restaurant recommendation and shocking them when they come to check out after a three night stay and remembering what room they were in and asking all about the places I suggested to them at their check in. The consistent variety of this job makes it exciting, and I can honestly say that in the last seven months, I have never dreaded coming in to work or thought about calling off. I'm always excited to see who I can meet!
Favorite Quotes:

"We're not oversold, we're under-departed!" - Tales from the Front Desk Forum on reddit.com

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