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2019 - Spirit of Hilton Winners
Ashley Collins
Cheryl Ann Minard Green
Jimmy Wolf
Jonathan Barrios
Mary Ann Adams
Nicki Kelly
Tracy Maker
Vanina Gilmore
2018 - Spirit of Hilton Winners
Amanda Simon
Aurelia Salas
Cherrell Thomas
Cheryl Clarke
Deborah White
Julie Turner
Julio Lopez
Luis Gutierrez
Michael Musgrove
Otilia Alvarado
Tisha Templin
2017 - Spirit of Hilton Winners
Gerry Parker
Jesus Ledesma
Karen Young
Norma DeRoa
Raymond Reeves

Deborah White

Breakfast Lead
Anniversary: 08/23/2014

My reaction to winning the Spirit of Hilton Award:

I cried, and was so overwhelmed and excited.
What I love about my job:

I love my hotel first, I meet so many people from all walks of life, I work with the most fascinating people. I learn so much from all my managers and teammates. This company is the greatest I have ever worked for, thank you for allowing me to work here.
Favorite Quotes:

"Motivation, participation with dedication will take you places you want to go in life." - unknown

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